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Triple Bracelet 18k gold plated Silver Nathnit whote backroundNathnit modelo triple bracelet 18K gold plated
Bound Earrings Sterling Silver Nathnit white backroundNathnit modelo bound earring sterling silver
Line Earrings Sterling Silver Nathnit white backroundNathnit modelo line earring sterling silver
Inverse Earrings Green Jade Nathnit white backInverse-earrings-green-jade-Nathnit-modelo
Natalia necklace 18K gold plated Nathnit mod
Ines Earrings Sterling Silver Nathnit white backroundInes-earrings-sterling-silver-Nathnit-modelo
Pendientes-Fernanda Earrings-NathnitFernanda Earrings-Nathnit-packaging
Sophie Earrings 18K Gold Plated Nathnit white backround


Nathnit in Woman Rocks Ibiza

Nathnit in Woman Rocks Ibiza On April 5 we had the great opportunity to attend the Woman Rocks Ibiza event and we couldn’t be happier. Here you can know all the details! As you know, Nathnit is based in Valencia, so going to a day of women’s entrepreneurship in Ibiza was very close to us. […]

Nathnit x Fernanda Fuschino

Nathnit x Fernanda Fuschino New collab! We are really happy to finally show you this new collaboration: Nathnit x Fernanda Fuschino. We are delighted to have been able to work with the illustrator Fernanda Fuschino and be able to create these beautiful earrings with an exclusive stock of 25 units. Buy yours before they sell […]

Nathnit x Barreira

Nathnit x Barreira Hello again to all of you who read us! Today we have all the details of a very special collaboration: Nathnit x Barreira, the most important art and design school in Valencia. Keep reading and you will know everything about this important collaboration! Barreira Art and Design Barreira is the most important […]