Nathnit is the brand of Natxa Gonzalez, designer and artisan. Nathnit’s pieces are designed and created on her study – workshop in the center of Valencia, Spain. She works principally with sterling silver and natural materials, and she’s constantly experimenting with new materials that could reduce her environmental impact and which are recyclable or recycled.


All the materials we use are recycled and came from local suppliers or from the European Union because we defend a way of working respectful with the environment and proximity. We keep constantly experimenting and researching with new materials that can reduce their environmental impact and which are recyclable or recycled. We also seek for packaging with less environmental impact and we try our best to arrive to the 0 waste. For us, the most important is the piece, so we avoid excess of packaging, to be as consistent as possible with an environmental and minimalist thinking.


We start the process with a silver thread and then the magic is done. There are no third parties, everything is done 100% in our study in Valencia. Each piece we sell includes a certificate of authenticity and has a lifetime guarantee.


We work in Valencia (Spain), in a little workshop located in the city center. Right now we are two people working full time in Nathnit. Natxa, designer and creator of all the jewels and Inés, who works in the communication of the brand.

For photography we work with our friends, both as models and to take the photos. Nathnit is made with the love&time of many people!


If you want to contact us to propose a collaboration or just to say hello, please, write to us to info@nathnit.com or fill the next contact form.



What is handcrafted jewelry online?

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Nathnit: recycled jewelry at your hand

Nathnit is a design brand specialized in jewelry but not just any type: we only create recycled jewelry. We have very high standards and that allows us to only work with the best quality materials to produce jewelry with high-level recycled materials. In this post we tell you all about Nathnit’s recycled jewelry:

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