At Nathnit we work with fine gold, also known as 18K gold (18/24). For every 24 parts by weight of the alloy 18 are pure gold. The rest are other metals, which give it the hardness and the ideal color for jewelry. We always ensure the highest quality of our suppliers so the product we create in Nathnit is simply perfect, durable and resistant.

Gold is a natural element and changes over time. It’s necessary to take care of the pieces to make them look as the first day. You need to avoid reactions by the chlorine, perfumes or other liquids. The resistance of the jewels 18K gold plated can change according to environmental conditions. They can also change for the own ph of the skin.

We encourage you to bathe the pieces again once a year: they will look always as new! You can go to your trusted galvanotechnik or sending it to Nathnit to make a set-up to recover its brightness and liveliness. This will make your jewels shine again. You can also let the tones change and show the years on your piece. This will make it even more unique!


To keep your 18K gold plated Nathnit jewels clean you can rub them very softly with a clean cloth. Finally, dry them with another clean cloth. Always avoid cleansers and soapy water.


We recommend to keep you Nathnit jewels in an individual bag or in a closed box. They will stay like new longer if you minimize the contact with air, direct light or moisture. These products and toxics can deteriorate and oxidize the jewels.

We encourage you to avoid as much as possible the direct contact of Nathnit jewelry with cosmetics or perfumes that may damage them. We also don’t recommend carrying the pieces while you are doing sports or you are in the sea or in the pool.

ღ Always remember that they are unique pieces handmade with lots of love. Contact us if you have any questions regarding the care of the Nathnit jewels.

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