At Nathnit we use natural stones in our creations. We always ensure the highest quality of our suppliers so that the product we create in Nathnit is simply perfect, durable and resistant. In Nathnit you can find pieces with malachite and rhodonite.

  • Malachite is closely related to the protection and absorption of negative energies. Its name comes from the Latin “molochitis” in honor of its color very similar to the varieties of the mallow plant. It brings strength and safety to the wearer and repels negative energies.
  • Rodonite acquires its name from the Greek “rodon” which means pink / red. In ancient times it was used as a symbol of friendship between people, as a representation of the brotherhood. The rhodonite was an emblem of peace and good relations, exchanging objects made with this mineral as a symbol of goodwill. Represents everyday love and the simple things of everyday life.

We recommend you to avoid the contact of stones with cleansers, perfumes or aggressive cosmetics. To make it last a lot longer we advise you to clean your Nathnit jewelry with natural stones with a soft cloth moistened with water, preferably distilled or filtered. This will look like new forever!


We recommend to keep you Nathnit jewels in an individual bag or in a closed box. They will stay like new longer if you minimize the contact with air, direct light or moisture. These products and toxics can deteriorate and oxidize the jewels.

We encourage you to avoid as much as possible the direct contact of Nathnit jewelry with cosmetics or perfumes that may damage them. We also don’t recommend carrying the pieces while you are doing sports or you are in the sea or in the pool.

ღ Always remember that they are unique pieces handmade with lots of love. Contact us if you have any questions regarding the care of Nathnit jewels.

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