Nathnit launches its Christmas 2019 capsule collection: charms and winter colors

It’s finally available! We have just launched the Christmas capsule collection 2019 consisting of eight pieces inspired by the colors of the night and winter. Continue reading to know all the details of this special edition so unique.

Christmas capsule collection 2019 

The basics don’t change in Nathnit: the entire collection 100% handmade with European recycled silver (ecosilver) and there are available two version: gold plated or silver. In addition, the earrings have recycled and hand-painted wood pieces in our studio in Valencia.


The collection

8 pieces are part of the special Christmas edition 2019 of Nathnit: two rings, two earrings and four charms. The rings are the gold and lapis lazuli version of the Inverse Ring and the Stone Ring. The earrings are totally new and will only be on sale at Christmas 2019: there are two basic earrings available in gold or silver to which the four charms that the designer, Natxa González, has created only for the occasion, can be added.

The charms are interchangeable and stackable on the earrings which means that each one can create their unique earrings playing with the four charms that Nathnit proposes. In Nathnit we give the power to you, our clients, to play with the earrings and to be able to experiment with your looks: you have the power!


For a limited time only

The special edition Christmas 2019 has a very reduced price (70€ the Set in silver and 85€ the Set in gold) and will only be available during Christmas 2019.

Nathnitxmas Nathnit Edición Especial Navidades 2019 5

The lookbook

The brand image has been created in the brand’s own workshop, in the studio in the center of Valencia, and continues to include the tiles and more colors and representations of the Mediterranean culture, the main inspiration for Nathnit. The brand makes its way to waste by adding recycled materials such as wood, which is hand lacquered in the studio, and added to European recycled silver pieces. The packaging of these new creations will continue the usual line of Nathnit: 0 plastic and total prominence to the piece.


The presentation 

The Christmas capsule collection 2019 was presented to a select group of friends of the brand – stylists, journalists, actresses, influencers … – last Saturday, November 16 at the #nathnitxmas event. In this event Nathnit presented the special Christmas edition to its most loyal audience. Also, it had great impact on social media under the hashtag #nathnitxmas. You can see all the publications in the highlight of the event on our Instagram @nathnit_design.

Remember: the collection will only be available during Christmas 2019, so buy it before it runs out! In our store you can see the whole set or the charms, you decide how are the earrings you want to create!

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