mapa europa - COVID-19 Nathnit local production ecosilver

Europe will be local or it will not be: European production against COVID-19

The pandemic is already here and according to all indicators it will not end in a few weeks. The Spanish stock market, the Ibex 35, closed yesterday the worst day in its history with a collapse of more than 14% and the economic press is already talking about “a global economic earthquake of an unpredictable magnitude”. The slowdown in production in China and the loss of confidence that results from the spread of a global pandemic affects us all.

COVID-19, called coronavirus in the media, has stopped production in China for almost two months and many European companies have run out of stock to produce. What does this show us? The inability of the current market to achieve short or medium term solutions to any urgent change. European production has long been almost entirely dependent on parts production in Asia – from large companies to SMEs. How many Instagram stores do you know that buy wholesale on chinese websites and resell in Spain? Has its number of publications decreased in recent weeks?

They always force us to look at crises as an opportunity and here is COVID-19’s opportunity: to recover European production. Working with nearby, local materials and increasing the price of the final product to ensure that the entire production chain can have a decent life. It’s not as simple as working with large exporters at extremely low prices, but in the end the entire work chain is worth it and above all, given the case at hand, it’s not cut off by an epidemic (COVID-19) originated on the other side of the planet.

This is the case of Nathnit, where we only use materials of European origin. We only work with European recycled silver and this has not had its distribution modified at any time. We continue to work normally and we are lucky to be able to say this.

Europe will be local or it will not be and this is our opportunity to give value to what we do here 100%, from design to creation.

Inés Luján.

mapa europa - COVID-19 Nathnit local production ecosilver

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