Nathnit & Esfascinante: your handmade jewelery Valencia in the media

As you know, since last October you can find the Nathnit pieces in Esfascinante, the Spanish slow fashion marketplace. Last week the brand celebrated its presentation party and in Nathnit we want to tell you a little more about this incredible event in which we enjoyed a lot and we were able to meet a lot of interesting people.

The presentation party

Nathnit, your handmade jewelry Valencia, was at the presentation party of the marketplace of Esfascinante. Here you can see the video to know a little more about the event:

In Espacio Valverde in Madrid we were able to meet all the designers that created pieces which Esfascinante sells. It was incredible! A lot of talent and enthusiasm in the same space. In our Instagram we have shown everything and we have created a selection of featured stories so you can remember the event whenever you want. You can see it here.

Your handmade jewelry Valencia in the media

In addition, the party has had a great impact on the media. Nathnit, your handmade jewelry Valencia, appears in several of them that we show you next (in Spanish):

  • Efe Estilo: “ES fascinante: moda lenta, artesana y sostenible. ES fascinante es el primer “marketplace” de moda multi-marca en línea hecho en y por España, una comunidad que cree en la moda lenta, la calidad sobre la cantidad y el estilo llamativo.” Read here the full story.
  • OkDiario: “ES Fascinante fusiona moda y arte en su presentación con 6 obras de arte de jóvenes talentos españoles. ES Fascinante se define como una comunidad de artistas emergentes españoles, un movimiento cultural y la moda lenta está en su ADN. ES Fascinante promueve el movimiento de creación lenta a través de la exposición de obras artísticas de creadores españoles.” Read here the full story.

From here we wanted to thank EsFascinante for counting on Nathnit, our handmade jewelry Valencia, from the beginning as well as all the support received. Also to all the press that was on an event so important for us.

We will continue telling you all our news through our social media and the blog!

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