Nathnit Rooms Tokio AW2020 jewelry recycled

Finally we can tell you everything! If you follow us on social media, you already know that we were in Tokyo in February 2020 at an international fair. It was the Rooms 40 fair and there we presented our AW2020 collection: continue reading to know all the details!

In February we presented our new AW2020 collection in Tokyo at the recent Rooms 40 fair. Nathnit was selected by ICEX (Spain Export and Investment) to have a stand at this international design fair. The presentation of Nathnit in Japan was very well received by the public: so much that we sold the stocks that we took to the fair. We have demonstrated the interest of the Japanese public in Nathnit. We are delighted!


The Rooms 40 fair

The biennial fair Rooms in Tokyo is a space for fashion and the most avant-garde design. Its name and concept is based on showing individual rooms designed by each creator as a conception of the vision of the artist’s own world. February 2020 was its 40th edition and had more than 25,000 visitors. Nathnit had the support of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo. That’s how we were able to offer contact with the customer and buyers in Japanese and offering a better shopping experience.


1520 Serie – AW2020

Four new colors are Nathnit’s bet to the AW2020 collection. It’s an extension to the recently launched 1520 Serie with four new colors. The concept of the brand is the same but it is renewed based on new color proposals. The 1520 Serie is based on the interpretation of our designer Natxa González of the swing and its union with the color. The names of the pieces are in Greek in a clear allusion to the fascination of the human being with the movement of the body throughout history.

For now we can’t tell you more about this collection! You will have to wait until we launch it in September 2020 to see it full.

Nathnit Rooms Tokio AW2020 jewelry recycled

The launch 

This AW2020 collection will be released to the general public in September 2020 but is now available for stores to place their orders. That way they will have the AW2020 collection in their hands at the time of its launch in September 2020. Write us at if you are interested in having Nathnit in your store!


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