Natxa Gonzalez Nathnit #fashionrevolutionweek

Nathnit is part of the #fashionrevolutionweek

The Valencian brand Nathnit, by designer Natxa González, is part of the #fashionrevolutionweek. This week, full of events to raise awareness about the fashion we consume, is key to a responsible and sustainable future. From Nathnit we want to explain why our brand fulfills all the points of the #fashionrevolution and why this movement is so important to us.

Fashion Revolution is a global movement that was created after the disaster of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, on April 24, 2013. Since then, as a global movement, greater transparency in the fashion supply chain is demanded to be able to respond to the question; Who Made My Clothes?

This question is also asked in the jewelry sector, of which Nathnit is part, and from our brand we have always wanted to show total transparency in our creation process. We believe that only by being totally transparent with our brand can we get our clients to trust us.

Why is Nathnit part of the #fashionrevolutionweek?

  1. Everything we do its handmade at our workshop in the center of Valencia. All! From design to 100% of the creation. There are no third parties.
  2. The material we use in all our designs and pieces is recycled silver, demonstrating our commitment to the environment in which we live.
  3. All the materials used (silver, natural stones, wood) are European. For us it is very important to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible.
  4. Our workshop is open to all clients who want to know us and see how Nathnit pieces are made from beginning to end.

Being part of the #fashionrevolutionweek and the Fashion Revolution movement in general right now is an ethical commitment of the brands but we hope that in a short time it will be a more firm commitment and the whole world of fashion and jewelry will be part of it.

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