Since last October 8th you can find the pieces of Nathnit in EsFascinante, the Spanish slow fashion marketplace. From our blog we want to tell you more about this incredible project that we are delighted to be part of.

The Spanish slow fashion marketplace

The Esfascinante project defines itself as:

  • “Somos una comunidad que promueve el talento creativo de España a través de una magazine y tienda online multimarca. ES fascinante apoya la economía local, el diseño sostenible y la moda artesanal.”
  • “The fascinating community of firms and followers of Esfascinante want to lead the “slow fashion-moda lenta” movement in Spain: a sustainable, handcrafted fashion, heir to our culture”.
  • “The first thirteen fascinating brands and products chosen by the founders are mostly accessories that clearly convey the values of this platform”.

You can read the full text here.

Nathnit in Esfascinante: surprise with exclusive pieces

The Nathnit pieces are available on the EsFascinante website. You can see them here. You will see that the available pieces (earrings, rings and bracelets) are from our 1618 Series and there is a surprise: an exclusive piece! Later in this post we tell you more about this unique piece. We also anticipate that little by little we will be renewing the 1618 Series and we will be adding new pieces that will also be exclusive for EsFascinante. Stay tuned to our social networks and you will be the first to know everything.

Nathnit in Esfascinante: Sophie earrings

The Sophie earrings are an exclusive piece of Nathnit that you can only find in EsFascinante. They are Sophie earrings, exclusive of Nathnit in EsFascinante, are made in ruthenium and they are very light and versatile. They are ideal for any occasion!

María Fernández Rubies with Sophie earrings

In this Instagram post you can see the instagrammer María Fernández Rubies with the Sophie earrings. Remember that it’s an exclusive piece of Nathnit in EsFascinante!

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