Nathnit in Invitadisima

We have news in Nathnit! Soon you can buy all Nathnit products through Invitadisima, the spanish website specializing in event guests. Keep reading this post and we will tell you all the details of Nathnit in Invitadisima.

Nathnit in Invitadisima

Starting in June, you can buy Nathnit’s jewels in Invitadisima, the spanish website specialized in event guests. They defined themselves as “a project that is born and created by and for women. Our goal is to offer you the most complete platform in the market where you can find party dresses, clothes for special occasions, accessories, jewelry, shoes, headbands or headwear of the best national and international brands.”

The Invitadisima selection of exclusive brands

In Invitadisima only exclusive brands are sold, which they define as ‘premium’. At Nathnit we are delighted to be part of this selection. As you know, in Nathnit all products are 100% handmade and are unique designs. We only work with European recycled silver and with the best materials on the market.

Here you can see the products of Nathnit in Invitadisima.

Free personalized stylist

Another one of the highlights of Invitadisima is that they offer a service of free stylists that will be able to advise you on your purchases. Surely they can help you when it comes to mix&match your Nathnit jewelry!

You can read more about Nathnit in Invitadisima in the post they created a few days ago in Invitadisima. From here we want to thank Invitadisima for trusting Nathnit and choosing us in their selection of exclusive brands. We are happy to be part of it!

We join Invitadisima to our list of stockist, web and stores where you can find Nathnit jewelry. In addition, the pieces are always available before anywhere else on our own website. If you want to be updated with all our news, subscribe to our newsletter and you will also receive a code with an exclusive 10% discount.

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