Nathnit Madrid Design Festival 2019 Benjamin Hubert Layer

Nathnit in Madrid Design Festival 2019

We just come back from the Madrid Design Festival 2019 and we couldn’t be happier, we loved this year’s edition! Talks, lectures, masterclass, presentations, networking … We have a lot to talk about!

We attended the Madrid Design PRO from February 14 to 16 in Madrid, the design days that are held at the COAM. It’s an incredible opportunity to meet great artists and designers and inspire you with their work and their conferences. We tell you a little about the conferences we attended:

February 14th

  • Jaime Hayón, who spoke about his career and the importance of the Mediterranean in his work (we loved it!)
  • José Mª Ezquiaga, “Big Five Cities”, in which through the urban transformation of five cities we thought about the need to incorporate individuals into the public space in the big cities.

Also on February 14th we attended the presentation of the book and the exhibition “Comer bien sentado” by Andreu World, in which we had the opportunity to chat with greats personalities from the design sector.

February 15th

  • Guillermo Santomà definitely gave one of our favorite conferences of all the Madrid Design Festival 2019. Santomà told us about what inspires him, about his references, and connected with the audience in a special way. We talked about Kanye West! It was a great experience!
Nathnit Madrid Design Festival 2019 Guillermo Santoma
  • Benjamin Hubert, “Design from reason. Experiences with meaning”. This was another of the conferences that fascinated us. Benjamin Hubert, the creator of the famous London studio Layer, showed us some of his designs and also advanced exclusively the latest work by Layer, which will be presented in two months at the Milan Fair 2019. Amazing!
Nathnit Madrid Design Festival 2019 Benjamin Hubert Layer

February 16th

  • Ágatha Ruiz De La Prada, “Color, Chaos, Concept”. We started the last day of conferences of Madrid Design Festival 2019 attending to the talk by Ágatha Ruiz De La Prada, who did a review of his year 2018 and anticipated some of the challenges that await her in 2019.
Nathnit Madrid Design Festival 2019 Agatha Ruiz de la Prada
  • Cristian Zuzunaga, “Zuzunaga “pixels” the Pix”. Cristian Zuzunaga told us about his career, the inspiration of the pixel and the why of his designs. In addition, he presented his new boots in collaboration with Camper.
Nathnit Madrid Design Festival 2019 Cristian Zuzunaga Camper
  • Lidewij Edelkoort, “The Spiritual House. Home & Living Beyond 2019”. Interesting conference in which Lidewij Edelkoort showed us how to work with colors and inspirations years in advance to create current trends. We learned a lot!
  • Jorge Martínez, “Designing utopias, changing realities”. The creator of the famous campaign ‘Pastillas para el dolor ajeno’ for Doctors Without Borders gave a masterclass in which he explained his working methods and the need to use design and advertising to save lives. This masterclass inspired us deeply and we learned many new visions about advertising and graphic design.

As you can see we attended many talks, lectures, masterclass and presentations at the Madrid Design Festival 2019 and we learned a lot from all of them. We love this festival and we will definitely attend the next edition in 2020, because it’s an unrepeatable opportunity to attend great conferences and also to meet all these personalities of the sector. We love the Madrid Design Festival 2019!

Inés Luján.

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