Nathnit in Wolf&Badger: yay!

Great news! From today we start to be part of Wolf&Badger and from Nathnit we are very happy with this great step in our brand. We tell you everything all about this new adventure!

What is Wolf&Badger?

Wolf&Badger is a sales platform for independent designers. You can see the main keys of the philosophy of Wolf&Badger here:

  • Independent brands, over 600 in their website.
  • Ethical + Sustainable: They don’t sell any fur or exotic skins and they encourage a fair and transparent supply chain, meaning nothing they sell is made in sweatshops.
  • Support Creativity: They support small, independent brands by ensuring the majority of sales go directly back to the designers themselves so that they can keep on innovating.
  • Limited Editions: Their independent brands only create finite quantities of their products, meaning you’ll probably be one of just a handful of people across the world owning any piece you buy from they.
  • Made to last: with a focus on quality rather than trends, their products are made to stand the test of time so they can be worn or used season after season
  • Free Worldwide Returns: Wolf&Badger offers free worldwide returns and their customer service team are on-hand to assist with any queries.
nathnit in wolf&badger home

In addition to being a big online sales platform, Wolf&Badger has a physical store in London and another in New York. Hopefully you can soon buy Nathnit in Wolf&Badger in the physical stores too!

Nathnit in Wolf&Badger new european designers

Nathnit in Wolf&Badger since February 1, 2019

At Nathnit we applied to be part of Wolf&Badger and received the YES of the Wolf&Badger team with great joy. We can already say that you can buy Nathnit in Wolf&Badger! From February 1 you can get the 1618 Series through this platform. We have not yet uploaded the entire 1618 Series, but we are doing it little by little. While we have all our products in Wolf&Badger you can always keep buying them in our own online store.

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