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Nathnit launches new SS2020 collection: one piece a day

Great news! We launch a new SS2020 collection! We release a new series and reinvent our vision of movement and ergonomics. The recycled wood painted and lacquered by hand is the great new of the 1520 Serie. Nathnit’s commitment to recycled materials is total and has already become the emblem of the brand, in which we only work with recycled European silver (ecosilver). In addition, the 1520 Serie adds color to the pieces, a possibility that only a material such as wood can offer.

New SS2020 collection: The 1520 Serie

This collection has 6 pieces: two brooches, two earrings, an earcuff and a double ring.  They’re unique pieces that have ergonomics and movement as axis. The 1520 Serie is based on the interpretation of our designer Natxa González of the swing and its union with the color. Futhermore, the names of the pieces are in Greek in a clear allusion to the fascination of the human being with the movement of the body throughout history.


In Nathnit we continue to make progress towards 0 waste by adding recycled materials such as wood, which is hand lacquered in our studio-studio, and added to European recycled silver pieces. The packaging of these new creations will continue the usual line of Nathnit: 0 plastic and total prominence to the piece.


The launch

The six pieces of the 1520 Series will be released one per day from February 1st to 6th. On day 6th the 1520 Series will be completed and can be seen as a whole. On day 6th all the pieces and the four colors of the Serie will be available. All parts will be available in European recycled silver (ecosilver) and gold plated. In addition, the complete pieces can be made in 18k gold upon request.


The four colors of the 1520 Serie

The color setting introduces four colors into the pieces: yellow, blue, purple and black. The shade of blue is the Classic Blue, the color of the year 2020 according to Pantone, demonstrating that Nathnit has a relevant role in the fashion industry because this collection was presented at the Paris Fashion Week last September. This presentation was made in the NOMET Showroom, with great reception from the public and international buyers. You can read more here.


The lookbook

This new 1520 Serie lookbook has been created 100% in Valencia with photographer Martín Rojas, model Sara Chaparro and makeup artist Vane Ribera. The styling and direction of the photo shoot was created by Nathnit.


AW2020 Presentation in Tokyo

This same month of February in Nathnit we will travel to the ROOMS 40 Fair in Tokyo to present the AW2020 collection selected by the Spanish Embassy. We will tell you more very soon!


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