Nathnit releases new image with the new lookbook of the 1618 Series

We have a new image! A new lookbook of the 1618 Series has been released this last week: it’s inspired by the Mediterranean and is an ode to the sea and the Mediterranean way of life. This new lookbook of the 1618 Series also includes the incorporation of six new pieces:

Mediterranean tiles are present in all Mediterranean cultures: blue tiles are part of the Valencian culture and from Nathnit we wanted to capture them in the new lookbook of the 1618 Series. The importance of the Mediterranean is vital in the brand and through the tiles, the union of craftsmanship with the most modern production techniques, Nathnit wanted to show the most characteristic part of the brand: the 100% handmade pieces with the latest and most innovative product design methods. The union of the cobalt blue tile with the orange and orange branches create the perfect setting to photograph all of our jewels.

This new lookbook supposes a new fresh air for Nathnit: we will continue incorporating pieces to the 1618 Series and soon we will expand the shops where you can find the handmade pieces created by our designer & creator Natxa González.

Here you can see a gallery of all the new pieces of the 1618 Series, which you can buy right now on our website

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