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Nathnit is a design brand specialized in jewelry but not just any type: we only create recycled jewelry. We have very high standards and that allows us to only work with the best quality materials to produce jewelry with high-level recycled materials. In this post we tell you all about Nathnit’s recycled jewelry:

Why recycled jewelry?

At Nathnit we are very clear that we want to help the world we live in as much as possible. Working with non-recycled materials is cheaper and easier to obtain, but our commitment to the environment is firm. Recycled jewelry or jewelry with recycled materials is the main difference between Nathnit and any other brand.


What materials does Nathnit use?

At Nathnit we mainly work with recycled silver of European origin. It’s called an ecosilver and it comes with a quality seal. At Nathnit we only work with this type of silver.

In addition, we have been incorporating more recycled materials into our collections such as wood. All the wood that the Nathnit pieces have (such as the Fernanda Earrings or the entire 1520 Serie collection) is recycled. How? Well, basically a large wooden piece of furniture in our studio broke and Natxa, our designer, decided to make it parts and use it to create new pieces. 100% real!

At Nathnit we want to offer you recycled jewelry with high jewelry quality and that is what we work on every day. Jewelry with recycled materials is more expensive and difficult to find, but it is what we believe in and that is why we are convinced of what we do.

You can take a tour at our store to see if you find your favorite piece.

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