Nathnit x Caroru exclusive collab necklace

Nathnit x Caroru

We have new collab! With the change of season and the arrival of autumn, we launched a new collaboration, this time with the emerging valencian illustrator Caroru. Continue reading to know all the details:

The Valencian brand Nathnit, by designer Natxa González, launches a new collaboration. This new work, together with the valencian emerging illustrator Caroru, is an ode to the change of season in the fall and the singularity. An exclusive 25 necklace + packaging units makes this collaboration even more special.

Nathnit x Caroru collab


Caroru is an emerging Valencian illustrator inspired by the different cultures around the world, especially the Asian one. The illustrator defines herself as “art, illustration, creation. A lover of nature; sustainability; life is co-; an emotional design. Lover of the past and the present. Appreciates every detail of life itself: anatomy; architecture; sculpture; classic art; orientalism”.

Nathnit x Caroru exclusive collab necklace

The necklace

This exclusive creation is a 100% handmade necklace with recycled european sterling silver with vermeil gold. It includes hand-oxidized sterling silver chain, with a length of 45cm. The centerpiece is recycled wood and hand painted. Measurements: Length 4,5cm, width 2,2cm. Wood: length 2.5 cm, width 0.3cm. Nathnit’s commitment to recycled materials is firm and that is why we continue to add recycled and hand-painted wood by ourselves to the pieces of jewelry we created in our workshop in the center of Valencia.

Nathnit x Caroru collaboration

The packaging

Caroru has designed a unique packaging that only the first 25 purchases will obtain. As Nathnit has worked with other illustrators before (such as Fernanda Fuschino), exclusivity is one of the strengths of this collaboration.

The packaging is a reflection of the change of season and the Asian influences of this illustrator, with whom we loved working at Nathnit. You can see more about this collaboration in a video that we published on our social media and also on YouTube.

You can buy this exclusive necklace here!

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