Pendientes-Fernanda Earrings-Nathnit

Nathnit x Fernanda Fuschino

New collab! We are really happy to finally show you this new collaboration: Nathnit x Fernanda Fuschino. We are delighted to have been able to work with the illustrator Fernanda Fuschino and be able to create these beautiful earrings with an exclusive stock of 25 units. Buy yours before they sell out!

Fernanda Fuschino

Fernanda is based in Barcelona and defines herself as a painter, dressmaker, designer and poet. Her works mix the art of embroidery with illustration and she calls it “pret-a-peindre” or “alta pintura”. At Nathnit we are very fan of her work because we think it has passion and joy in everything she creates. We certainly wanted to have her in Nathnit!

The collaboration

This collaboration came from Instagram, yes, you’re reading it right! We saw Fernanda’s work and we started to follow her. We loved all her creations and one day we got lucky and she wrote to us saying that she also liked Nathnit … and that’s how it all began! We have been working on this collaboration since the beginning of the year 2019.

The earrings

The Fernanda earrings are made with sterling silver and 18K Gold Plated. The centerpiece is recycled wood and hand-painted. We wanted to start introducing recycled elements into the pieces of Nathnit because our commitment to 0 waste is firm. This collaboration of Nathnit x Fernanda Fuschino has been a great opportunity to start using recycled items and we hope to do it with more pieces from now on. The measurements of the earrings are: length 8cm, width 2cm. Wood: length 4 cm, width 0.4 cm. Buy yours here!

Pendientes-Fernanda Earrings-Nathnit
Buy the Fernanda Earrings here.

The packaging

What Fernanda Fuschino has created for Nathnit is this incredible packaging that will only get the first 25 purchases. It’s a very limited and special edition, so we recommend that you buy it as soon as possible to be sure you get your piece

Fernanda Earrings-Nathnit-packaging

As you can see, the packaging perfectly combines the style of Fernanda and Nathnit. In it you can see Fernanda wearing the earrings and it’s also full of flowers of the same color as the recycled wood is painted. It’s a very special packaging and from Nathnit we are very grateful to Fernanda for creating something so personal and unique.

We remind you that there are only 25 units of Fernanda earrings with exclusive packaging, get your earrings before they run out!

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