Nathnit x Fundación Eddy

New collab! We have partnered with Fundación Eddy-G to launch a charitable brooch of which we will donate 50% of sales. This alliance with the Eddy-G Foundation is one more step in our social commitment. Here we tell you more about:

The piece

The piece created exclusively for this collaboration is a brooch in the colors of the LGTBI flag. Its name is Love is love and like all Nathnit pieces it’s handmade. Its composition is 100% recycled wood and painted by hand in our studio in Valencia. It also includes a silver pin with which you can easily add the clasp to any item of clothing. It can be purchased directly on our website.


La Fundación Eddy-G

The Fundación Eddy-G is a non-profit entity that since 2016 is the first foster home in Spain for young people from the LGTBI collective who are victims of family violence, bullying or any other form of LGTBfobia. They give youth accommodation, job counseling and education to offer a different opportunity to get their lives back on track, teaching a very young part of the LGBTI community marked by a particularly hard past to learn to fend for themselves by helping them to be free, self-reliant and responsible for their lives.


The collaboration

50% of the total proceeds from the sales of this brooch will be donated to Fundación Eddy-G. It is a further step in Nathnit’s social engagement, and we hope it will be the first of many more charitable collaborations. You can buy the piece here. We love this Nathnit x Fundación Eddy collab!

Nathnit x Fundación Eddy - Charitable brooch 1 Nathnit Croma Brooch Love is love 2

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