Nathnit x Julieta Velvet

In September we promised you many news and here it is one of the great bets of this season of Nathnit: the collaborations with artists that inspire us. We have made a lookbook of the 1618 Series with Julieta Velvet and we love the result!

Julieta Velvet is a creative duo from our city, Valencia, which we were lucky enough to meet at one of the events of Ladies & Wine Valencia. We have seen them from that moment on in more design events and step by step we were forging an artistic project that has left us images as spectacular as the ones shown below.

From Nathnit we were looking for a sophisticated touch that would highlight the visual and geometric games of the pieces of the 1618 Series: geometry is one of the main characteristics of Nathnit’s design and through Julieta Velvet’s creations we wanted to give it a special role.

Julieta Velvet is specialized in the creation of surrealist sets and we love their art direction that goes beyond the established limits of the conventional. The symbolism and texture of the images is its strong point and that’s what captivated us. The possibility of creating something new with them was an idea that attracted us a lot and we are very happy that it finally came true. Julieta Velvet started working on the lookbook of the 1618 Series in summer 2018 and we see now, in October, the results.

It’s a new look for the 1618 Series and Nathnit’s pieces, united in chromatic tones, looks precious in the sets created by Julieta Velvet. From here we want to thank the creative duo Julieta Velvet for their work and dedication and we hope that this is one of many collaborations with Nathnit.

We leave you with these spectacular creations of Nathnit x Julieta Velvet.

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