Nathnit x LaCambra earrings indigo modelo

Nathnit x LaCambra

We have great news! As you know, at Nathnit we love collaborating with artists who inspire us (do you remember our collaboration with Julieta Velvet?) and today we have to announce another great launch: the collaboration of Nathnit x LaCambra.

LaCambra is a Spanish brand which works with leather: its work focuses on handbags and accessories and one thing that we love about Cristina’s work is that you can choose your product in more than 20 different colors. Also, since everything is handmade exclusively for you, you can ask to have your name or your initials engraved in your purse. We love the idea of exclusive personalization!

Nathnit x LaCambra

Natxa, our designer and creator, has met Cristina (creator and owner of LaCambra) since 2016. Since then they have created a friendship that has resulted in mutual support and now in this collaboration.

Nathnit x LaCambra: the pieces

From Nathnit we wanted to highlight what we like most about LaCambra, which is the exclusive personalization of all its pieces, and unite it with our work. For that purpose Natxa designed a necklace and earrings that you can see below:

It’s a work that has some very marked lines. From Nathnit we wanted to express the hardness and resistance of the leather with the creation of this necklace and matching earrings: it’s a robust piece that at the same time is very light and simple. 100% Nathnit!

You can buy these pieces on LaCambra website and as you can see you can exchange the leather pieces to have different combinations. The idea is that you have a necklace structure and an earrings structure and you add the leather of the color you want every day. We love it!

We leave you now with all the images of the collection, which it’s available through LaCambra website.

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