Old Kingdoms Reborn Collection

Hey guys,

We’re really happy to present our new and latest collection, Old Kingdoms Reborn, that you can find in our nathnit.com shop. This collection navigates to one of the most relevant inspiration of “art decó“, first civilizations of Mesopotamia, Etrurya and Egypt.

Legends of different Goddesses and Gods where right on my head inspiring me when I transformed them into my collection. So I thought of posting the legends behind these designs, so you can discover all the meaning behind them.

All the pendants, maxicollars and earrings are arranged in sets and series dedicated to Gods or symbols of Ancient Kingdoms.

Today we are going to talk about Ancient Kingdoms.

My favourite human history period is what is called Ancient Times, compended since the discovery of writing to the end of the Roman Empire; since four millenia before Christ to the year 476 a.C.

The blurred edges between fiction and reality, mythology and legends or history in the times of Ancient Kingdoms fascinates me. I feel really attracted to all that Archeology discovered in both, mundane objects such as vessels and furniture and, specially, the ceremonial objects. Maybe because their destinataries where kings or queens, Gods or Goddesses, where always of an exceptional beauty combining design and precious materials: gold, gems or precious stones.

Design in such kind of jewels, can ocassionally be complex but most of the time are ellegant and simple. This pieces are all full of meaning, and they supposed a touch of distinction and elegancy, raising their owners from standard mortals to distinguished beings.



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