Line Earrings – 18K Gold Plated


Line Earrings – 18K Gold Plated

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Line Earrings – 18K Gold Plated
  • Materials:

Sterling silver with 18K gold plated. In our blog you can read more about what exactly means 18K gold plated and how we work with it in Nathnit.

  • Inspiration:

The inspiration of Line Earrings – Sterling Silver are the asymmetry and proportion of the human body.

  • Production:

The creation begins with a sterling silver plate of 0.9mm in which the earrings are cut to size. The edges are polished, step by step at the hands of our jeweler in an artisanal way. All of this is welded to the bolts and re-filed, polished and polished until the result is soft and comfortable to the touch. Then, we bring it to our trusted galvanotechnics to make the 18K gold plating. All Nathnit pieces are unique! You can customize the pieces when placing your order.

  • Certificate of authenticity:

All Nathnit pieces include a certificate of authenticity. It’s an exclusive card with a unique number that we will include in the package that certifies the authenticity of your piece: it has been made especially for you and there is no other exactly the same. Each piece that we send is registered in our files with a unique and unrepeatable number.

Here you can find more info about orders and payments, returns, exchanges and warranty and shipping. And here you have all the info about how to taking care of Nathnit’s pieces.


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