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Do you know your ring size? Here is the definitive guide!

When buying rings online we always find the same problem: size. What is my size? Will it be the same as this that I have in another brand? What if it’s small? What if it’s big? Don’t worry! At Nathnit we bring you the definitive guide to be sure what ring size you have to choose in our online store.

What do you need to know your ring size?

In order to know the exact size you should buy in Nathnit you will need:

– A strip of paper or a thread

– A washable marker

– Zeal

– A rule

Steps to follow to know the size of your finger which matches the ring size:

1 – Choose the finger in which you will wear the ring. VERY IMPORTANT!

2 – Put a piece of zeal on one of the ends and stick it on your finger.

3 – Roll the zeal on your finger and mark with the label where it crosses with the end stuck.

4.- Measure the perimeter, the distance between the end and the mark.

5.- Subtract 40 to that measure and look for your size in the following table.

ring size nathnit maximinimal jelwery mediterranean

The basic sizes of Nathnit are:

  • XS (5 1/4 USA, K UK, 10 ES)
  • S (6 USA, L1 / 2 UK, 12 ES)
  • M (7 USA, N 1/2 UK, 14 ES)
  • L (7 3/4 USA, P UK, 16 ES)
  • XL (8 1/2 USA, Q 1/2 UK, 18 ES)

If these measures don’t fit with your fingers, don’t worry! You can order your custom size on all Nathnit rings. Contact us through the contact form, the chat available on our website or through social networks. We will be happy to help you!

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