At Nathnit we work with sterling silver (also known as 925 silver) in all our designs. We always ensure the highest quality of our suppliers so that the product we create in Nathnit is simply perfect, durable and resistant. In this post we will explain everything you need to know about silver jewelry:

What is sterling silver?

It is 90% silver mixed with alloys that provide strength and durability. It is usually distinguished between sterling silver of first or second law. As you can see in all our product sheets, in Nathnit we only work with 925 sterling silver, the highest quality jewelry.

What does 925 sterling silver mean?

The numbers that usually accompany the denomination of silver tell us how many grams of silver an alloy contains per 1000 grams of final product. For example, if you buy any product in the Nathnit store of 925 sterling silver it means that the piece you have purchased is made of an alloy that contains 925 grams of silver per 1000 grams of product.

How to take care of the sterling silver?

925 silver or Sterling Silver can react to air, light, humidity and some ph of the skin. It is not common, but you must know that.

The best way to clean your pieces of Nathnit sterling silver and make them last forever is to pass them a very soft cloth and a silver cleaner that is not abrasive. You should always use non-abrasive products or you could damage the parts. You can also wash them with water and neutral soap in a very soft way so as not to damage them. We recommend that you dry them with another soft cloth to make sure they are shiny.

Here you can read more about how to care for your Nathnit silver jewelry.

Now you have much more information about silver jewelry, its specifications and its care. Stop by the Nathnit store to discover our exclusive pieces!

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