What does 18k gold plated jewelry exactly mean?

At Nathnit we work with first-law gold, also known as 18-carat gold (18/24) or 18k gold plated. We bathe or veneer our pieces in this material handmade, one by one. We always ensure the highest quality of our suppliers so that the product we create in Nathnit is simply perfect, durable and resistant.

What is 18 carat gold or 18k gold plated?

18 carat gold is also known as 18/24 gold or 18k gold plated. That is, for every 24 parts by weight of the alloy, 18 are pure gold and the rest are other metals, which give it the hardness and the ideal color for jewelry.

The pure gold of 24 carats is too soft for the manufacture of a jewel and the result would be broken very easily. That’s why gold is mixed with other metals to make it more resistant. 18-carat gold contains 75.01% pure gold and offers perfect results for jewelry. In Nathnit we only work with 18 carat gold, that is, the best quality for jewelry.

What does 18k gold plated mean?

Gold-plated jewels are those that have a protective layer of gold. With this method, jewels remain protected much longer, even for decades. Its gold finish is much thicker than other finishes: 50 to 100 times thicker than a normal coating. The gold plated jewels are very strong and durable, 100% Nathnit!

H bracelet 18k gold plated from our 1618 Collection.
H bracelet 18k gold plated from our 1618 Collection. Shop here.


How we can clean the 18k gold plated jewels?

To keep your gold plated Nathnit’s jewels clean, you can rub them very softly with a clean cloth. Always avoid cleansers and soapy water.

Here you can read more about how to care for your gold plated pieces from Nathnit.

Now you have much more information about the gold plated jewels, their specifications and their care. Stop by the Nathnit store to discover our exclusive pieces!


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