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At Nathnit we want to offer you total transparency in our brand and that’s why we always tell you even the smallest details of our production. Today we explain what handcrafted jewelry online is and why Nathnit can offer it. Read on for all the details!

What is handcrafted jewelry?

Artisan jewelry is jewelry that is made by a master craftsman following traditional methods of creation. In our case is our designer Natxa González. Natxa is trained in jewelry and techniques to create all the pieces we sell in Nathnit with her hands, starting the process with a simple silver thread.


What is handcrafted jewelry online?

Handcrafted jewelry online is a very exclusive product because it’s created to measure and at the hands of our designer and creator Natxa González, but thanks to the web we can sell it worldwide. It’s a new situation in the world of luxury: now it’s within your reach! Wherever you read us, the pieces of Nathnit that we create handmade with so much love can reach your hands.

Online artisan jewelry is basically traditional artisan jewelry but with a greater distribution, since it can reach any corner of the planet.

Why does Nathnit create handcrafted jewelry online?

The principles of our brand are very clear:

  • Handmade jewelry. Each and every one of the pieces!
  • Own workshop and studio in which we make the jewels one by one. No third party in the process: on our website you directly buy the pieces from Nathnit.
  • We don’t have stock: when you make your online purchase you enter your measurements and we start to create your unique jewel. You can customize your purchase as much as you want or buy the pieces that we have in the catalog. Of course, they are all made to order, they are unique!
  • We work with local suppliers and the environment is present in our brand philosophy. We always try to reduce the plastic used and buy from nearby distributors. 0 waste is our goal!

If you have any questions about how we make the pieces in Nathnit, contact us! We will be happy to answer all your questions!

Go to our shop and find the perfect artisan jewelry for you!


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